Agent Client Panel

When Picture Your Home adds you as a client you will receive a link to your own website called the Client Panel.

Here you can log in and have access to the following:

Agent Branding:  Add your profile photo, contact information and links

Tours: View all of your listings with all of the information at any time

Photos: Download the gallery for your information

Video: Request a video ($10) of your slideshow

Flyer: Create the flyer for the listing

Maintainence: Deactivate your sold listings so the links are no longer available online, and to stop your weekly viewing statistic emails

Viewing Stats: These are available for slideshow and virtual tour packages, they are updated hourly, always accessible to the agent, and include a weekly emailed report to the agent

Property information: Edit the property facts, the slideshow pictures, add your own photos or hide unnecessary ones, change or mute slideshow background music

Links: Create and share your custom link for the listing

You have access to all of this in a user-friendly setting.