Services & Prices


Julie Phillips

Real Estate Photographer

London, St. Thomas, Stratford, Grand Bend, Listowel & areas

(519) 301-3110


You will be emailed a link to your gallery, where the pictures are ready for you to download.

$ 135.00



Viewers can sit back and enjoy a scrolling slideshow of the gallery pictures, complete with relaxing background music.  Includes the Gallery.

$ 150.00



Make an empty room warm and inviting by adding the furniture virtually.  Or take furniture out of a room to show all the natural features it has.

Starts at $40.00 p/photo



Let your slideshow be more informative with Jenn, a professional narrator, who will explain the highlights of the property in a relaxing way.  Includes the Gallery.

$ 195.00



To visually show all of your property, viewers can control the 360 walk-through tour and view it at their own pace.  Includes the Gallery.

$ 220.00



Kara, an architectural designer, will accompany me to draw your floor plan.  Working together means we are finished an averaged sized property in about ONE hour!

$ 105.00 primary floor

(includes measurements for additional floors)

$50.00 (additional floor drawings)


$.40 p/km after 60 km

 Kara will meet me on location to measure and draw your floor plan.  Working together as a team means our average time for your photographs and floor plan is around one hour.  And it means your measurements are done for you!

Floor plans MUST be pre-booked with me.

If your listing requires more to be said than photos can show,  then a professional voice-over by Jenn is the way to go!

As the slideshow plays for your viewers a relaxing narration will be given to draw attention to the details that are are key selling features of the property.