Floor Plans

Add a Floor Plan 

My detailed floor plans include permenant fixtures, door swings and gross internal living square footage per floor and total.  Floor plans take me about 15 minutes on-site and are within the industry standards of 97% accuracy.  Please note these are floor plans for the real estate industry as a visual reference and are not to replace an archeticts' blueprint.

  • GIA (Gross Internal Area)– This includes internal walls’ thickness, most finished areas, but not areas like garages or unfinished basements. Most real estate photographers and real estate agents will want to use this number. Exterior walls are also not included in this calculation.

  • With the purchase of the GLA add-on ($20.00), also the GLA (Gross Living Area)– The GLA option aligns to ANSI to determine what is included. This is what appraisers, or real estate professionals in regions that require GLA on listing floor plans would use.

  • Total scanned area– This includes ALL scanned areas, including porches, balconies, external wall thickness, etc. This number is mostly useful in determining the overall size of your floor plan for pricing.